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At Split Easy we take pride in offering the most efficient and cost effective ways for you and your partner to deal with child sharing arrangements and asset division agreements

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Answer a few quick
questions to see if
Split Easy is suitable
for you

Unfortunately, the Split Easy platform will not cater for couples who are subject to issues surrounding domestic violence orders, potential bankruptcy proceedings or Pre-Nuptial Agreements. Accordingly, a quick initial screening process is necessary.

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Enter Personal

You will be required to answer basic questions regarding how long you have been together, respective earning capacities, who contributed what when you commenced the relationship, etc. The questions are phrased for easy understanding with pre-populated drop-down list or radio button options for answers.

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Enter Assets
and Liabilities

You will be prompted to complete details
regarding what you own and what you owe.

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Enter Child/Children
details (If applicable)

If children are involved, you need to enter preferences regarding proposed living arrangements, payment obligations and the like.

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Invite your ex-partner
to review and approve
(or edit) the information

The opportunity exists for you to invite your ex-partner to review and approve the items you have entered in the previous steps. Split Easy facilitates a negotiation process between you both until you agree on all items.

If you fail to agree on any issues, an online mediation solution is presented (at a small additional cost) to assist you in achieving an amicable result.

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Use the Split Easy
algorithm to calculate
the fair and reasonable
% split of assets.

Split Easy have harnessed many years of Family Law and Accounting expertise to develop a mathematical algorithm that considers the Family Law Court’s criteria and applies that criteria to your unique situation to provide you with an accurate suggestion on what is fair and equitable.

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Agree on the division
of assets to reach the
nominated % split

The Split Easy platform provides you (and your ex-partner) with the opportunity to decide how you wish to deal with (sell or retain) all of your assets and liabilities on an item by item basis.

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Receive Consent Orders for lodging with the Family Court

Once agreement has been reached, you will receive the formal Consent Orders in electronic format for lodging with your local Court. Along with the Consent Orders will be a covering letter with instructions on all additional housekeeping matters required to be attended to, to finalise your separation.

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You can engage lawyers and potentially pay tens of thousands of dollars for their “opinion” (which may actually differ from what the Family Law Court of Australia deems reasonable).

Or you can simplify the process and make your divorce/separation as efficient as possible, by engaging Split Easy.

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