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Please note: Split Easy does not offer legal advice. We provide a logical platform to enable you to settle gracefully and efficiently.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to use Split Easy?

Refer to the pricing tab on our home page.

Bear in mind, it is not uncommon for legal fees to be in the tens of thousands of dollars per partner when working with Family Lawyers.

What happens if we don’t agree halfway through the process?

In the event you reach a stalemate over particular issues, Split Easy have formed an alliance with Family Resolve, a professionally qualified and experienced team of family mediation specialists.

If you agree to go down this path, Split Easy will provide Family Resolve with a full brief of your circumstances in addition to an exception report that highlights the items that are subject to dispute.

How long does the process take?

Split Easy requires a significant amount of information to be able to guide you through the process as efficiently as possible. You may need to be in contact with banks, valuers, accountants, superannuation funds and other external parties to obtain the required information to complete the process.

Providing you and your ex-partner can agree and depending on the complexities of your personal situation, you should be able to complete the entire process within 2 to 12 weeks.

The average waiting time for couples to have their case heard before the courts is currently 17 months in Australia.

If we need to go down the Split Easy mediation route will it cost extra?

If you find yourselves at a stalemate and require professional mediation services, then yes, it will cost extra.

Family Resolve (our preferred Mediation partner) charge a one-off $275 each spouse.

The mediation process includes an initial review of the documentation provided by Split Easy (flagging the item(s) in dispute).

This is followed up with a one-hour discussion between the mediator and each individual spouse.

The mediation process concludes with a one-hour joint consultation together with the mediator.

What happens if my ex-partner won’t participate?

If your ex-partner refuses to accept his or her invitation to participate in the Split Easy process, then you, as the initiating party will be furnished with a full brief of all the pertinent information provided.

Our research suggests that this document can save you between $5 - $10k in legal fees should you need to engage family lawyers down the track.

Can I go through the process myself to see how much separation will cost me?

Yes, you can, you simply don’t invite your ex-partner to participate in the process.

Bear in mind that the suggested Split Easy result is based on the premise that all information you have entered into the system is fair and reasonable.

Will I be divorced after this?

Split Easy is designed to help you with asset division, this process won't finalise a divorce. To apply for divorce in Australia you need to be separated for twelve (12) months.

The divorce process itself is quite simple and inexpensive.

What do we receive from Split Easy at the end?

Once all items have been agreed upon, Split Easy will produce the Consent Orders along with the actual Application for Consent Orders that need to be signed and lodged to the Family Law Court of Australia for approval and stamping.

Split Easy will also provide a comprehensive checklist of items you need to attend to in order to complete the process.

What if I have other questions regarding the process?

You can call our support number on 1300 545 233 or e-mail any queries to

Please note that our support team do not provide legal advice.

What level of security has Split Easy implemented to protect our data?

Split Easy are using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure the website, application communication and the API endpoints. The certificate would be signed using the SHA-256 algorithm to safeguard any and all data entered into the website or application.

The Split Easy application will be using TLS 1.2 and HTTP 1.1 to secure the data transport between the application and the payment gateway. We don’t store users’ credit card details anywhere in our application or website thus eliminating any risk of data loss or scraping.